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We are doing a GIVEAWAY! All you have to do is make a purchase. Every $5 spent will get you an entry. Winner announced Sept 2nd.




Meeko Crew

We are a small Idaho based family full of MEEKOS who in their own unique, strong-willed, stubborn, wild, and passionate way chase their dreams, goals, hobbies and ventures! The name MEEKO itself derives its meaning from the Native Americans where it means “little mischief” as well as from the Australian Aborigines where they understood it to mean one that is caring, strong, stubborn, and wild! When we find something we love and are passionate about, aren’t we all just like that? To a lot of people these pursuits can often look a little crazy, maybe even a little mischievous, but to the ones chasing their dreams, they feel strong and empowered, they are stubborn, relentlessly pursuing their dreams, they are wild and free and because they care so much about what they are doing and where they plan on going they are not intimidated by who they are, or what they desire to be, they are the trailblazers! Instead of simply making a splash they make waves! They seek to move mountains! Instead of going with the flow, they’re like the salmon, so dead focused on its pursuit and end goal, that it gives little thought to the other fish swimming downstream beside it, taking the easy route! It is dead set on its mission, it gives everything it’s got and with great strength, perseverance, and endless pursuit and focus, it does what no other fish would desire to do, it swims against the flow! 

Often times our own kids are making, as we perceive as parents, messes,

and being “little mischiefs”, but to them they are making something special, an art piece, that they poured their time, effort, and energy into, soley unique to them! They are proud, they are learning, and ultimately, they are better for it! So be yourself! Be CARING AND DARING, be STRONG, be STUBBORN, be WILD and FREE!!! To the outside, you may at times look like a “little mischief,” but when it’s all said and done, they will either be on the sidelines watching you, or standing in awe at what you’ve done or what you’ve created, and you’ll be stronger for it! So, whatever your pursuit or passion is, we here at the MEEKO N CO family, support it, we want to be a part of it, and we encourage you to chase after with all you’ve got! If this resonates with you, your family, or friends then come be a part of the movement and join the MEEKO crew! 


Get Featured!!

Buy a Meeko shirt, send us a pic with a little info about what makes your Meeko true to him/her for a chance to be featured on our social pages.

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